Consumers Are Your Property – Educate Them Very Well

I started my marketing career 25 many years in the past and it had been relatively regular operating technique to possess entry to schooling courses or internal creative and media blog boot camps. For instance; Younger & Rubicam had a wonderful series of presentation workshops and media coaching labs, and Ogilvy & Mather offered an account management program which really tested your ability to develop strong brand value propositions.

Then the era of mergers and acquisitions came bringing about consolidation and staff reductions. Quality and service was replaced by return on shareholder value. Most shops cut and eventually dismantled in house teaching packages. Losing these courses created a media planning talent void and lack of strategic consistency. So the law of supply and demand kicked in and kicked the industry in the butt too.

Media planners with only a few several years of experience were commanding salaries that were inflated, but the pool was limited and most shops had little choice but to pay. I rose through the ranks in the industry through direct marketing where we applied the techniques of traditional branding methods with response mechanisms and there was a ton of customization and experimentation. The atmosphere was highly collaborative and inventive, much like it is today. This was a time of immense competition resulting in a language barrier between brand and direct marketers.

I eventually became a manager and the lack of formal in house training forums meant that I not only had to manage the strategic product but also train. I particularly loved schooling, but there were many managers not good at it. What a disservice to employees, certainly not fair to the client and in the long run the growth and identify of the agency. Growth and reinvention are consistent themes for many industries particularly in our current economic environment.

If you are in the promoting and marketing industry you are well aware of the challenges that digital media is causing and the opportunities it is creating. If you are a chief marketing officer your job description is more accountable than ever before. You have multiple channels to manage and finding the right talent isn’t easy.

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